Institute of Nutrition, Mahidol University held seminar on Planning Academic Personnel in Food and Nutrition on 22-23 August 2014. In the seminar, it was an honor to have Fulbright scholars, Dr. Mark Failla to share his opinion.
15 students from Kyushu University, Japan attended a cooking demonstration of Thong Yip and Thong Yod at Institute for Nurtition, Mahidol University on 3 September 2014
WHO in collaboration with Micronutrient Initiative and The Sackler Institute for Nurtition Science held the meeting “Technical Consultation for Condiment Fortification” between 26-28 August 2014 at New York Academy of Sciences
Delegates from Bhutan attended lectures on food and nutrition at Institute for Nurtition, Mahidol University 20 August 2014