Staff of Food Chemistry Division

Rin Charoensiri, M.Sc.
E-mail :


Educational Qualifications :

  • 1998 Certificate: Program in Nutrition and Food Services Management at St. Michael’s Hospital, Toronto,Canada.
  • 1992 M. S. (Nutrition and Dietetics), Department of Human and Family Resources; Northern Illinois University, Illinois, USA.
  • 1988 B. S. (Medical Technology), Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand.

Training :

  • Nutrition and food services management at St. Michael's Hospital, Toronto, Canada.

Research Interests and Expertise :

  • Diet therapy in chronic diseases
  • Nutrition and child development
  • Menu planning
  • Nutritional assessment
  • Nutrient and non-nutrient analysis

Publications :

     A. National level

  1. Kongkachuichai R, Charoensiri R. Evaluation of iron dialyzability in various genotypes of rice by in vitro digestion techniques. Food Journal 2004;34:327-35.
  2. Kongkachuichai R, Charoensiri R. Vitamin C contents in Thai Vegetables and fruits. Journal of the Nutrition Association of Thailand 1999;34(1):36-44.

     B. International level

  1. Kongkachuichai R, Kounhawej A, Chavasit V, Charoensiri R. Effects of various iron fortificants on sensory acceptability and shelf-life stability of instant noodles. Food and Nutrition Bulletin. 2007;28(2):165-72.
  2. Kongkachuichai R, Napatthalung P, Charoensiri R. Heme and nonheme iron content of animal products commonly consumed in Thailand. Journal of Food Composition and Analysis. 2002;15(4):389-98.

     C. Report and Books

  1. Tontisirin K, Puwastien P, Srianujata S, Charoensiri R. Food and Nutrition: Linking Advanced Knowledge to Practice. Institute of Nutrition, Mahidol University, Thailand, 1997.
  2. Charoensiri R, Banjong O. Manual: School Lunch Menus and Nutritive Values. Neo printing company, Bangkok, Thailand, 1996.
  3. Tontisirin K, Puwastien P, Charoensiri R. Nutrition and Health Promotion. Institute of Nutrition, Mahidol University, Thailand, 1995.
  4. Yamborisut U, Charoensiri R, Sirichakwal P. Nutrition for preschool children. Guide Book for Preschool Children. Hongsa company, Bangkok, Thailand, 1994.

Research Experiences :

  1. Modification of lunch for appropriate energy and energy distribution for 7-10 years old students.
  2. Effect of yogurt consumption on antibody response to tetanus toxoid vaccine.
  3. Development of combat ration for special operation of Thai soldiers.
  4. In charge of dietary assessment for Nutrifit Clinic of Institute of Nutrition.
  5. Survey of dietetic practice and perceptions in Thailand.