Center of Innovation

Center of Innovation and Reference on Food for Nutrition (CIRFON)

     Center of Innovation and Reference on Food for Nutrition (CIRFON), was founded by Nutrition Institute, Mahidol University, in 2011. The center is committed to providing public and private sectors with integrated research services including functional food product development, commercialization of the food product developed, health claim validation, process design, technology transfer, and technical and advisory services toward food safety for SMEs, along with other food and nutrition related researches for social benefits.

The Center’ s Goal:

     To serve as a food reference agency, providing research services for both public and private sectors to ensure nutritious and safe foods.

Completed Researches

  • Survey on nutritional status of children in Thailand
  • Assessment of efficacy and health claims of probiotics in yoghurt
  • Glycemic index, and changes in blood sugar level and metabolism after the consumption of isomaltose sugar
  • Survey on food consumption behavior: amount of sodium obtained from seasoning of noodle at table
  • Glycemic index of instant noodles substituted with 50% whole wheat flour.


For more information, please contact:

      Sasiumphai Purttiponthanee
      Tel.: 02-8002380 ext. 404
      Fax: 02-4419344