Innovations and Implementation


     Low sodium, low sugar andlow energy products as well as modified fatty acid ratio coconut milk are currently available in supermarkets. Patients with degenerative diseases can use these products in their habitual diets, thus allowing them to enjoy a broader range of foods.

  •  Low Sodium
    • Fish sauce
    • Oyster sauce
    • Soy sauce
    • Salt

  •  Low Sodium & Low Sugar
    • Chili sauce
    • Plum sauce
    • Catsup
    • Sweet chili sauce
  •  Low Calorie
    • Sweetener
  •  Fatty Acid Modified
    • Coconut milk
    • Deep-frying oil
    • Soft margarine

     To prevent micronutrient deficiencies, INMU developed food fortification techniques and joined with food industries to produce healthy, fortified food products that are now available in the markets. These products include Mama brand triple-fortified instant noodles containing iron, iodine and vitamin A, as well as double- fortified fish sauces containing iron and iodine under the brands of TESCO, Carrefour, Three Lady Cooks, Chaichalom, and Samet.

  •  Double Fortified Fish Sauce
  •  Triple Fortified Instant Noodles