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The stability of antioxidant activity and antimutagenicity of raw or heat-processed edible egg plants (Solanaceae spp.)
  Author Sinee Kokcharoenpong Call No. TH S619s 2012
  Advisor Kaew Kangsadalampai Download Abstract 


Knowledge, attitudes and practices of cambodian caregivers on improved complementary feeding practices
  Author Khun Mav Call No. TH M461F 2107
  Advisor Pattanee Winichagoon Download Abstract 


School food safety management for reduction of benzoic acid and sorbic acid exposures from tiie consumption of processed meat and fish products
  Author Patsamont Phongitipokin Call No. -
  Advisor Wenika Benjapong Download Abstract 


Efficiency of 40G sachet medical food (GEN-DM) for control blood sugar and serum lipid profile in the transport CO., LTD employees
  Author Teerapap Panklai Call No. TH J96e 2016
  Advisor Preeya Leelahagul Download Abstract 


Antimutagemcity against urethane in drosophila melanogaster, antioxidant activities and total phenolic contents of four varieties of sweet potatoes grown in Thailand: The evaluation on both raw and processed samples
  Author Juthamas Mungdee Call No. -
  Advisor Pongtorn Sungpuag Download Abstract