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Efficiency of 40G sachet medical food (GEN-DM) for control blood sugar and serum lipid profile in the transport CO., LTD employees
  Author Teerapap Panklai Call No. TH J96e 2016
  Advisor Preeya Leelahagul Download Abstract 


Antioxidant activity and effect on urethane induced mutagenicity in drosophila melanogaster of some thai desserts and snacks
  Author BANTITA PERMPOOL Call No. TH B115a 2014
  Advisor KAEW KANGSADALAMPAI Download Abstract 


The antimutagenicity against urethane in drosophila melanogaster, antioxidant activities and total phenolic contents of four varieties of sweet potatoes grown in Thailand: The evaluation on both raw and heat processed samples
  Author JUTHAMAS MUNGDEE Call No. TH J96a 2014
  Advisor Pongtorn Sungpuag Download Abstract 


Antioxidants, total phenolic contents and antimutagenicity against urethane of banana, mango and papaya ripened with traditional method or artificial method using acetylene or ethylene
  Author Jitteenan Jitwiriya Call No.
  Advisor Kaew Kangsadalampai Download Abstract 


Development and validation of physical activity tool for diabetic at risk people in Chiang Mai, Thailand
  Author Maenum Chirdkiatisak Call No. TH M185d 2013
  Advisor Kallaya Kijboonchoo Download Abstract