Other Services

Counseling Services

           The Institute of Nutrition offers an academic counseling services on food and nutrition. Counseling can be related to the development of nutrition in food products, food quality guarantee system, sensory quality of food products, and nutrition labelling. The counseling service is valuable for developing new products and for the production process, the production of nutrition labels and nutrition information, as well as identifying solutions to technical problems and conducting reliable analyses. In addition, this service can aid in testing, developing measurements, nutritional counseling and service referral.


Research Services

           The Institute of Nutrition offers research services for developing products and production processes, especially food product for nutrition. The services range from the laboratory level to the prototype factory level in order to develop products that are acceptable to consumers, safe and of high nutritive value.

            Moreover, the Institute of Nutrition has developed reference materials to control the quality of nutrition analysis in the laboratory.


Information Services

            The Institute of Nutrition provides information services to share knowledge about food and nutrition with the general public through radio, television, newspapers, magazines and the Internet.

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