Welcome Message

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the Organising Committee, we are pleased to invite you to the 8th International Food Data Conference (8th IFDC) which will be organised by the Institute of Nutrition, Mahidol University (INMU). The conference will take place from 1st - 3rd October 2009 as a pre-conference of the 19th International Congress of Nutrition (ICN 2009) in Bangkok, Thailand.

Quality Food Composition Data: Key for Health and Tradehas been chosen as the main theme to emphasis the importance of the quality and reliability of the analytical food composition data and the quality of data compilation system. These can reflect the quality of the database used in various areas of foods, nutrition, health and trade as well as all related research and development. Important issues included in the conference are quality systems and standards for data generation, compilation and evaluation; Codex issues related to food composition (labeling, health claims, nutrient reference values, analytical methods); Influences on nutrient composition: biological, biodiversity, physical environmental, processing and biotechnology; Emerging techniques for analysis and new compositional data for nutrients and bioactive compounds and their bioavailability; innovative use of food composition data in health and trade; current activities on food composition at national and regional food data network.

Please schedule yourself to attend and present your work orally or as a poster at the conference.

We sincerely look forward to seeing you in October 2009, at the Asia Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand.

Best wishes,


Assoc. Prof. Visith Chavasith, Ph.D.
Director of Institute of Nutrition,
Mahidol University (Host Institute)


Assoc. Prof. Prapasri Puwastien, Ph.D.


Kunchit Judprasong, Ph.D.


Asst. Prof. Jintana Yhoung-Aree, Ph.D.

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