Publications of Papers

Abstracts accepted by the Scientific Advisory Committee for oral presentations should be prepared for publication as full papers according to the instructions of the Journal Food Composition and Analysis. All papers will be subject to peer review, in accordance to the Journal's policy

The deadline for speakers to submit papers to the Journal of Food Composition and Analysis will be
04 December 2009

How to submit manuscripts presented at the 8th IFDC to the Journal of Food Composition and Analysis

All manuscripts must be submitted on the online Elsevier Electronic System for JFCA (please go to:

The instructions online will guide you through the first step of registering as Author, and then through the subsequent steps of registering all manuscript details including the title, abstract, other authors' names, keywords (please note that from 6-10 keywords must be submitted), and so on.

When the system asks for "Article type", you will find a pull-down menu, and you must select "8th IFDC". Please indicate clearly on the title page of your paper whether or not the manuscript is Original Research, Short Communication, Report, Review, etc. It will let you know when to upload your manuscript files from your computer directly into the EES system.

In order to use the EES system, you must provide an electronic version of your manuscript (generally Word file, but other word-processing programs are acceptable, etc.). Only original source files may be used; please do not submit PDF files. When your manuscript has been uploaded by the system, a PDF file will be automatically generated for use by the editors of JFCA in making their initial evaluation.

At this time a number will be assigned to your submission, which should be used in any correspondence with the editors of JFCA.

You will receive automatic e-mail responses from the EES system validating the reception of your manuscript or informing you of anything which may still be missing from your submission.

You may send queries concerning the submission process, manuscript status, or journal procedures to the Editorial Office at

If for any reason online submission through EES is not possible, please contact the Journal's Editorial Offices at